CATS' mission is to provide the highest quality computer-based exams with strict security controls.  SFTI administers the exams in a comfortable, quiet environment. 

It's Easy to Schedule FAA/FCC Exams at SFTI!

  • Call us FIRST at 303-530-0550 to schedule your day and time.
  • Immediately afterwards, call CATS Toll-Free at 1-800-947-4228
  • Give CATS our Testing Code: ABS80301
  • We will have your test ready when you arrive
SFTI's testing center administers computerized FAA and FCC exams to pilots, airplane mechanics, and radio operators. Medical, Legal, Solar, Culinary and many other industry certification tests are also available at SFTI!

Standard Cost: $150   nbsp; AOPA Members: $140 FAA tests (must have AOPA member # available when registering)
SFTI Club Members: Receive a $10.00 CATS Cash Card upon successful completion of any FAA test. Your CATS Cash may be used on any product or service at SFTI.

SFTI offers the following FAA Knowledge Exams (all types of aircraft series):
  • Sport, Recreational & Private
  • Instrument
  • Commercial
  • Flight Engineer
  • ATP - 135 or 121
  • Instructor
  • Aviation Mechanic - including Inspector Authorization 
  • Parachute Rigger 
SFTI offers the following FCC License Exams:
  • Marine Radio Operator License
  • General Radiotelephone License
  • GDMSS Maintainer License
  • GDMSS Operator License
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