Mountain Flying is one of the most enjoyable adventures you can have as a pilot, however, safely navigating rugged terrain requires specialized training. SFTI's comprehensive Mountain Flight Orientation prepares you to conquer the unique challenges of mountain flying.
Colorado is THE PLACE for Mountain Flight Training!
Depart Boulder and be crossing Rollins Pass at 13,500' in under 15 minutes, on your way to Leadville, Gunnison, Steamboat, Pagosa Springs and other fun-filled mountain locations.
Flying safely in the mountains requires specialized training! SFTI's experienced mountain flight instructors provide comprehensive mountain training including:
  • Ground preview/review of mountain specific topics
  • Mountain Weather Phenomena Identification
  • Density Altitude Considerations
  • Aircraft Performance Factors
  • Flight Planning Safety Considerations
  • 2-5 hour Mountain Training Flights
    (we can tailor the flight(s) to the mountain destinations of your choice, or suggest an enjoyable route for you)
Once you complete your orientation and feel comfortable with mountain flying, you will want to come back again and again to enjoy mountain flying at its peak in the Colorado Rockies.
Mountain Fly-Outs
To show you just how fun mountain flight can be, SFTI organizes periodic mountain fly-outs. These are open to both pilots who have received mountain training and pilots who would like to participate along with an instructor. 
These group excursions give you an opportunity to increase your mountain flying skills and enjoy the beauty of Colorado with other pilots.
Talk to an SFTI Instructor about YOUR next Mountain Flying Adventure!

Check out this scenery! Where would you rather be?
Flying up here or stuck down there!

Over Lake Dillon looking East along I-70

Tom Deml from Little Falls, MN (in his beautiful Commanche) & Lyn Dague on final to Rwy 15 @ Aspen, CO

Tom Deml on Final Approach to Rwy 15 @ Aspen, CO (KASE)
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