Whether you want to fly for fun, for personal/business travel or pursue a career in aviation, you can get off the ground and on your way with SFTI. We offer quality primary and advanced, single-engine flight training, as well as comprehensive ground training. 


Learning to fly requires a combination of training in the aircraft and on the ground. At SFTI, you will learn to fly with professional flight instructors in well-maintained, clean aircraft. 

SFTI offers flexible ground training options to enhance the instruction you receive in the aircraft and prepare you for real world decisions. Choose the option which best suits your personal learning style -- either interactive computer based instuctional (CBI) home-study sessions or individualized ground instruction in a one-on-one setting with your flight instructor.
As a Cessna Pilot Center, SFTI offers the Cessna CBI Private Pilot Kit to enhance your flight training experience. This extensive computer based instruction kit details the entire process of learning to fly on interactive CDs you use on a computer at your convenience. The kit includes:

 Online Ground Training - Train at your own pace on your timeline
 Flight Computer
 Aircraft Information Manual
 Pilot Logbook
    nbsp;                                                             Navigation Plotter
                                                                 FAR/AIM & FAA online library that is always up to date
                                                                 Training Syllabus
                             &nnbsp;                                   Pilot Safety Supplement


As pilot in command, you may go where you want when you want, take family and friends along with you, and enjoy the scenery along the way.

Private Pilot Privileges
As a Private Pilot, you may fly most anywhere in the world during the day or night. You will have access to thousands of airports, many of which are much more convenient to your final destination than major airports served by commercial airliners.
FAA Minimum Requirements:
  • Minimum age: 17 years old
  • Read, speak and understand English
  • 40 hours of flight time including:
    20 hours of flight time with an instructor
  • (National average = 72 hours)
  • (SFTI average = 58 hours)
Instrument Pilot Privileges
An Instrument Rating allows you to fly from place to place when visibility does not allow flying by visual flight rules.
FAA Minimum Requirements:
  • Must be a Private Pilot
  • 50 hours of cross-country pilot in command flight time
  • 40 hours of actual/simulated instrument flight time
  • (National average = 59 additional hours)
  • (SFTI average = 50 additional hours)

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